Winery Udziro

Our Story

A family owned winery inspired by my grandfather a desire to revive and maintain our Georgian heritage of winemaking and share to the world

Shared success.

Shared success. We’re ther for our customers’ triumphs and challenges, knowing our succes is a direct reflection of our ability to create solutions That work for them.

Always improving.

Continuous improvement is at the core of our business management excellence. We never settle for “good enough” and are constantly persuing innovative solutions to make real progress.

Helping each other win.

We collaborate as a team to achieve our shared vision – bringing the right people together to explore creative solutions, build on each other’s ideas, and hold ourselves accountable

Purposeful leadership.

 We lead with heart and purpose because we take pride in our work and believe in its impact. We build strong leaders who meet challenges head on, celebrate wins, and learn from every obstacle.